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09 November 2007 @ 11:51 pm
Name: Louise, but not many call me by it..
Nick Name: Lana, eekie, meowkins, kitty.
Birthday: 26th March.
Occupation: Proffesional bum.
Religion: Wiccan, new age.
Orientation: Open minded.
Smoke: Socially.
Drink: Often.

Music: Prodigy. Nirvana. Timbaland. Infected Mushroom. KoRn. Kanye West. Rammstein. SlipKnot. Iron Maiden. Peaches. NIN. Justin Timberlake.
Movies: Spirited Away. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. The Number 23. Nightmare Before christmas. Grave of the Fireflies. LOTR. Donnie Darko. Labyrinth. Halloween.
Food: Indian. Chinese. Thai. CANDY. Oreos. Cheesecake.
TV: Friends. Simpsons. Ugly Betty. Futurama. Ghost Whisperer. Family Guy. Adult Swim. Billy and Mandy. Spongebob. America's Next Top Model.
Songs: Nirvana-Heart Shaped Box. KoRn-Open Up. NIN-Closer. Prodigy-Girls. Prodigy-Poison. The Cranberries-Zombie.


with new pink dreads
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and an older one.
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