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Flighty Gemini! I can't get enough LJ friends ^^

Hello, I'm Sarah; 26; mother of 2 (Tarquin Pisces/Pisces/Sag and Lilith Leo/Cap/Cap). Gemini sun (Sag moon, Libra Asc) Metal Rooster.

Sensetive, emotional, scattered and flighty, clever, witty, friendly, great at giving advice (when it's asked for)... blah blah.. I update 8 times a day every day but then go for a week or two and post nothing *shrugs*

I'm emotive so you'll see lots of smileys and emotive gestures in my posts. I write poetry when i'm in a depressive state (which has been known to be rather too often).

In love with a Virgo/Gem/Sag man who is my pleasure and my pain. I love to read, I like making lists of things. I love coffee...

that's all I guess... add me?!
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Hey there, Capricorn here please add me =)

Hey there, my name is Jess. I am 27, had an Lj a while ago, but stopped using it. Anywho, I am back now, and I am looking for new friends! I post everyday, and I always read my friends pages and comment. Don't know what else I should say ... I was born and raised in NY, still here, don't know if I am gonna stay. I am in school for being a nurse. I am a waitress for now. And thats about it ... lol. So please add me, friends are always good! I am gonna post this in other add me sights, so if you see it more than once, sorry!
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My name is Reese, I'm 41, single, and live in the great state of North Dakota. I'm a Picese with Libra rising and moon in Leo.

I"m basically an easy-going, down-to-earth person with a sarcastic sense of humor and a broady laugh. I have redhair and brown-green eyes. I like cooking, shopping, crocheting and cross stitching.

I have a Bachelors of Arts degree in Communications but I'm currently employed in the retail sector. This fall, I plan to take some online classes to complete my business degree.

My many interests include: creative writing, writng fanfic, reading, music, movies, tv, photography, long walks and bike riding. When it comes to reading, I like true crime, british mysteries, and fiction. Some of my favorite authors are: Maeve Binchey, Stephen King, Minette Walters, Elizabeth George,  Patricia Cornwell, and John Irving.

As far as the music I listen to-I like bands from the 70's and 80's. I enjoy just about anything with the exception of Rap and Country/Western.

I'm a big tv and movie fanatic. Currently, my favorite tv shows are: House, CSI, CSI:Miami, CSI:New York, Criminal Minds, Bones, and most british comedies. The movies I watch are mostly mysteries, drama, comedies, and foreign films. My favorite directors are: Steve Spielberg, Roman Polanski, David Fincher, and Martin Scorcese. 

I'm looking for friends between 25-45 who enjoy my intersts and can share new ones with me. I'm not picky about the astrological signs of my friends. I've been told I get along best with Cancers, Scorpios, Taurus, and Aquarians. Other fellow Piscians are welcome.

Anything else you want to know about me, just ask.

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Hi, I'm just trying to acquire some more LJ friends. My LJ is friends only and isn't action packed but I'm genuine and if you add me, I'll add you back. Here are my stats:

sex: male
age: 32 years old
sign: Aries
status: Single (no kids)
interests: computers, reading, movies, comics, paranormal, tarot, meditation, spirituality

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If there's anything else you'd like to know, please feel free to ask. Thanks.

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   Hey everyone.
 I am on the cusp, libra/scorpio
  I've been told by my Mom a couple times that I have more of Libras traits. I disagree, (although a few of my best friends are Libras) As far as Scorpio goes, a couple bad traits are that I do get insanely jealous sometimes. If you know me well you'll notice it, I'll say a smart remark and people think I'm kidding when I'm not. If I'm hurt by someone, I'll get them back for it.. I'm not a bad person though, I promise. Some things that fit me..

   Scorpio Dislikes:being analyzed, being asked personal questions, new acquaintance, and having to trust a stranger with anything that they consider important enough to keep secure.

 Emotional and intuitive, Jealous and resentful,
Compulsive and obsessive

Anyway it'd be cool to make some friends. I love writing, reading, astrology (obviously) music (always up for discovering new bands)
  I hope this post doesn't make me seem too un-friendly, I'm really not unless you give me a reason not to like you.




I want friends! I love to comment!

Sun: Capricorn
Moon: Leo
Rising: Sagittarius


Unsympathetic, uncaring, demanding, dictatorial, worships prestige, snobbery, stubborn, sarcastic, pretentious, egotistical, perfectionist, status-seeking, bossy, old-fashioned, unforgiving, fatalistic, miserly, secretive, opportunistic, never satisfied, know it all, cannot relax, fears failing, superiority complex, authoritarian, notices other peoples faults but not their own, impressionable.


Trustworthy, loyal, hard working, cautious, realistic, conventional, concerned, practical, honest, powerful, ambitious, classic, clever, industrious, prudent, good organiser, has high standards, persistent, sensitive to beauty, has a deep understanding of the spiritual, reliable, caring and wise.



I'm Sigrun, a 27 y/o Californian (recently transplanted from New England)... Aquarius sun, Scorpio rising, Libra moon. I'm a Heathen (a priestess of the Germanic/Norse god Frey), into BDSM (but in a committed, monogamous relationship), conservative-leaning libertarian, I have bipolar disorder, I like goth and techno music, Muppets, and I am soooo addicted to LJ OMFG... if you want to add me, feel free to check out my profile and I will most likely add you back after scoping yours.

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Looking For New Friends

I'm a Rat/Cancer, with Dog and Aquarius rising. I like virgo, taurus, cancer, pisces and scorpio ladies. I usually get along with other cancer guys as well as scorpios and pisces. As for the asian signs, I usually get on well with other rats, dragons, tigers, dogs, and I've been told that I'd get along with monkeys, but I don't remember ever meeting any.

Other than that, I like 80's music, punk, ska, and new wave. I like to read books, discuss spirituality, and philosophise.
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Greetings ...

I'm a 35 year old (Taurean) Kiwi (New Zealander) woman, who is interested in making some new friends. I work at Subway. I am currently completing a Diploma in Library and Information Studies, part-time, through distance learning. I have Asperger's Syndrome. I live alone and love it. I'm bi. I'm into bdsm. I'm a stoner. I taught English in Taiwan for four and a half years. I love plants, music, movies, reading, museums, libraries, body modifications, animals, cooking, learning, travelling, art, word games, nature, walking and much much more ... My friends and family are wonderful, and very important to me - this includes my friends online! (: I write for myself. I don't really care whether or not people are reading my LJ or why - although I do get curious sometimes!

Add me if you wish ...

Taniwha (:
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Hello everyone!
Jaclyn. 19. Leo. A girl constantly on the run (sort of).

Major Likes:
[ I adore Johnny Cash
[ I'm a huge movie buff & I love to read
[ Art is my passion
[ My family & close friends are very important to me
[ I hate idle gossip and trash talk
[ I'd like to get to know mature, smart, interesting people
[ I enjoy walking everywhere
[ I like taking pictures
[ I'm very proud of being Irish
[ I'm constantly changing (starting anew)

If you'd like to add me, comment on my "friends only" page.
I have no problems adding anyone, however I would like to know a little about yourself first.