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If you can't get enough of aggressive and brave Aries, if you love showering affection on Leos, if Scorpios float your boat, or those mysterious Pisces do something to you then this is the place for you to find as many as you can without joining specific sun sign communities.

Yep, another add me community. This is simply an astrology community based on finding people with the sun signs you like, are attracted to, are interested in getting to know more about or getting more people with that sun sign on your list.

Make a post with your sign and the sign/s you're interested in. If you want to throw your moon sign or rising sign in too if you know it, go for it, but it's not required. Then just add anything else you want folks to know about you.

You can pick and choose which signs or people you want to add. You're big kids, you can play nice with each other and decide for yourselves. Also, this is NOT a serious in-depth astrology community or astrology advice community - it's an add me community. It's all about fun, folks. No sign dissing! And no 'but astrology is sooooooo much more than sun signs!' Good for astrology, this community IS about sun signs.

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